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How to withdraw Canadian Dollars (CAD) using domestic EFT bank transfers
To withdraw Canadian dollars (CAD) via a domestic EFT bank transfer to your Canadian bank account on Kraken:
To withdraw Canadian dollars (CAD) via a domestic EFT bank transfer to your Canadian bank account on Kraken Pro:
View step-by-step withdrawal instructions.
  1. 2
    Navigate to the Home page and click on the Withdraw button.
  2. 3
    Search for Canadian Dollars (CAD) and click on it. 
  3. 4
    Select the EFT option from the Method drop-down menu.
  4. 5
    Add a Canadian bank account to your Kraken account.
    • Click Continue.
    • Fill in your bank account information.
    • Click Add bank account.
    Form fields explained:
    • Description can be whatever you like so you can easily remember it.
    • Name on account must match the name on your bank account and your Kraken account.
    • Bank name is the name of the Canadian bank you want to withdraw to.
    • Bank code is typically three digits.
    • Transit number is typically five digits.
    • Account number is typically seven digits, but can be more.
    If you need help finding these numbers, please see: How to look up your Canadian bank account information for CAD withdrawals.
  5. 6
    Initiate a withdrawal  
    • Select a bank account to withdraw to.
    • Enter the amount of CAD to withdraw.
    • Click Withdraw CAD.
    • Confirm the withdrawal.
    • Domestic EFT withdrawals should arrive in your bank account within two to five business days.
We are aware that some CAD withdrawals may continue to show as ‘Sending’. Please disregard this status, check your bank account to see if the funds have arrived or contact us if you have questions about the transaction. 
EFT withdrawals are limited to a maximum amount of $300,000 per transaction.