How to withdraw Canadian Dollars (CAD) using domestic EFT bank transfers

To withdraw Canadian dollars (CAD) via a domestic EFT bank transfer to your Canadian bank account:

  1. Check that your account fulfills the requirements.
  2. Add a Canadian bank account to you Kraken account.
  3. Initiate a withdrawal.

Add account

To add a Canadian bank account for CAD withdrawals:

  1. Navigate to Funding > Withdraw > Canadian Dollar (CAD).
  2. Click “Add account”.
  3. Fill in your bank account information.
  4. Click “Save bank account”.

See the screenshots below for guidance.



Form fields explained:

  • Description can be whatever you like so you can easily remember it.
  • Name on account must match the name on your bank account and your Kraken account.
  • Bank name is the name of the Canadian bank you want to withdraw to.
  • Bank code is typically 3 digits.
  • Transit number is typically 5 digits.
  • Account number is typically 7 digits, but can be more.

If you need help finding these numbers, please see: How to look up your Canadian bank account information for CAD withdrawals.

Initiate withdrawal

Once you have added a CAD withdrawal bank account, you can initiate a new withdrawal by:

  1. Navigating back to Funding > Withdraw > Canadian Dollar (CAD).
  2. Selecting a bank account to withdraw to.
  3. Entering the amount of CAD to withdraw.
  4. Clicking "Review Withdrawal".
  5. Confirming the withdrawal.