What is the maximum number of open orders/positions?

The maximum number of orders/positions that you can have open at any given time is determined by two factors:

1. Your Verification level.

2. Whether your order or position will fill as a maker or a taker.

Limits are across all pairs and are applied as follows:

  Starter Intermediate Pro
Open Orders 60 80 225
Open Positions (maker / taker) 50 / 70 120 / 150 220 / 250


Example: You have 45 buy limit orders and 14 sell limit orders on XBT/EUR and ETH/EUR. The orders have not yet been filled, bringing the total to 59 open orders. You want to place a few more orders, but you are only verified to Starter level. The maximum limit for open orders for Starter accounts is 60. This means that you can only place one more order that stays open before you reach the maximum number of open orders.

Maker - An order which adds liquidity to the order book by not being matched/filled immediately with an existing order on the order book (i.e. the order has to wait to be filled).

Taker - An order which removes liquidity from the book by being immediately matched with an existing order on the order book (i.e. the order is filled immediately).