What are Kraken fee credits (KFEE)?

Kraken fee credits are internal tokens that can only be used to pay for trading fees on our exchange. They are found exclusively on kraken.com and are labeled with the code KFEE (four characters) or FEE (three characters).

What are Kraken fee credits worth?

100 KFEE = $1 USD worth of trading fees on the Kraken exchange.

How do I get Kraken fee credits?

Occasionally, we will offer KFEE to our clients for various reasons. Upon being credited, they will be automatically applied to cover the cost of trading fees.

How do Kraken fee credits work?

If you are in possession of Kraken fee credits at the time a trade is executed, then you will see a corresponding USD value of fee credits deducted from your total fee amount within the trade details. For example, if you have accumulated 500 KFEE, then a $5 USD credit will automatically apply toward your trade once it is executed