ID confirmation photo (IDCP) instructions

An ID confirmation photo (IDCP) is a photo of you, the account holder, holding your ID document and a note next to your face.

You may be required to provide an IDCP as part of Intermediate-level verification or for other situations.

Checklist for producing a proper IDCP that can be accepted by our verification team:

ID requirements

The ID you're holding must be the same ID used for Intermediate verification.

The details on the ID in the photo must be readable. They cannot be blurry or out of focus.

Note requirements

The note must say "only for trading digital currency on" and include:

  • the current date
  • your signature

Pay close attention when writing the note! If even one word is different in the note, the IDCP may not be accepted.

Be aware that in certain situations we may request that you write something else on the handwritten note. Follow the instructions provided to you in your ticket closely.

Dos Don'ts
✓ Write the note with your hand.

✘ Don't type the note.

✓ Write the note in English. ✘ Don't write the note in another language.


Photo requirements

How to put the ID and note together:




Dos Don'ts
✓ Hold the ID and note in your hand(s).

✘ Don't have someone else hold the note.

✘ Don't tape ID to the note.

✓ The ID and the note all have to be clearly visible. ✘ Don't cover any details on the ID or note with your fingers.
✓ Your face, upper body, and hands should be visible.

✘ Don't only show your head sticking out from behind the note.

✘ Don't wear sunglasses, a hat, or anything that obscures your face.

✓ Take the photo during the daytime when the lighting is good. ✘ Don't take the photo when it's dark outside. Relying on indoor lighting makes it harder for cameras to capture details.

✓ Have your friend or family member take the photo.



Upload instructions

You can upload your IDCP in your Kraken account on the Get Verified > Intermediate tab.

If you do not see the section to upload the IDCP on that page, contact support.