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How are trading volume discounts calculated?
Fee schedule volume-based discounts are based on crypto trading volume only. Making purchases using the Buy Crypto widget, Kraken app as well as trading stablecoin and FX pairs on our order books does not contribute to the fee schedule 30-day volume.Traders with a 30-day crypto trading volume of less than $50,000 have a different fee than traders exceeding $50,000. 
You can access the full list of trade volume discounts on our trading fee overview.
Your trade fee depends on the currency pair you are trading and is reduced according to the USD value of the total volume of cryptocurrency pairs you've traded (margin and non-margin) over the past 30 days.
New trades are added to your 30 day volume immediately, but trades older than 30 days are only removed every few hours. This means that sometimes you might temporarily get a lower fee than you should, but you won't get a higher fee than you should.
You can keep track of your current fees and progress towards lower fees by looking at the "Fees" bar. This is located in your account overview which can be found by:
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    On Kraken Pro click the Fee tab.
This will show you your 30-Day rolling volume and the maker and taker fee dependant on your trading volume.
Remember, trading volume discounts are not permanent. If your trading activity drops, so do your discounts.