Currency pairs available for trading on Kraken

Not all currencies available on Kraken can be directly traded for one another.

The chart below gives you a complete overview of all tradable currency pairs (also referred to as markets) on Kraken:


The table below provides more details:

Currency Pairs Base Currency Quote Currency
REP/USD Augur (REP) US Dollar
REP/EUR Augur Euro
REP/XBT Augur Bitcoin
REP/ETH Augur Ethereum
XBT/USD Bitcoin (XBT) US Dollar
XBT/EUR Bitcoin Euro
XBT/JPY Bitcoin Japanese Yen
XBT/GBP Bitcoin British Pound
XBT/CAD Bitcoin Canadian Dollar
BCH/USD Bitcoin Cash (BCH) US Dollar
BCH/EUR Bitcoin Cash Euro
BCH/XBT Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin
ADA/USD Cardano (ADA) US Dollar
ADA/EUR Cardano Euro
ADA/CAD Cardano Canadian Dollar
ADA/XBT Cardano Bitcoin
ADA/ETH Cardano Ethereum
DASH/USD Dash (DASH) US Dollar
DASH/EUR Dash Euro
DASH/XBT Dash Bitcoin
XDG/XBT Dogecoin (XDG) Bitcoin
EOS/ETH EOS Ethereum
ETC/USD Ethereum Classic (ETC) US Dollar
ETC/EUR Ethereum Classic Euro
ETC/XBT Ethereum Classic Bitcoin
ETC/ETH Ethereum Classic Ethereum
ETH/USD Ethereum (ETH) US Dollar
ETH/EUR Ethereum Euro
ETH/CAD Ethereum Canadian Dollar
ETH/GBP Ethereum British Pound
ETH/JPY Ethereum Japanese Yen
ETH/XBT Ethereum Bitcoin
GNO/USD Gnosis (GNO) US Dollar
GNO/EUR Gnosis Euro
GNO/XBT Gnosis Bitcoin
GNO/ETH Gnosis Ethereum
LTC/USD Litecoin (LTC) US Dollar
LTC/EUR Litecoin Euro
LTC/XBT Litecoin Bitcoin
MLN/XBT Melon (MLN) Bitcoin
MLN/ETH Melon Ethereum
XMR/USD Monero (XMR) US Dollar
XMR/EUR Monero Euro
XMR/XBT Monero Bitcoin
QTUM/USD Quantum (QTUM) US Dollar
QTUM/EUR Quantum Euro
QTUM/CAD Quantum Canadian Dollar
QTUM/XBT Quantum Bitcoin
QTUM/ETH Quantum Ethereum
XRP/USD Ripple (XRP) US Dollar
XRP/EUR Ripple Euro
XRP/CAD Ripple Canadian Dollar
XRP/JPY Ripple Japanese Yen
XRP/XBT Ripple Bitcoin
XLM/USD Stellar Lumens (XLM) US Dollar
XLM/EUR Stellar Lumens Euro
XLM/XBT Stellar Lumens Bitcoin
USDT/USD Tether (USDT) US Dollar
XTZ/USD Tezos (XTZ) US Dollar
XTZ/EUR Tezos Euro
XTZ/CAD Tezos Canadian Dollar
XTZ/XBT Tezos Bitcoin
XTZ/ETH Tezos Ethereum
ZEC/USD Zcash (ZEC) US Dollar
ZEC/EUR Zcash Euro
ZEC/JPY Zcash Japanese Yen
ZEC/XBT Zcash Bitcoin