What are the withdrawal fees?

Our withdrawal fees are listed below. Please note that for fiat withdrawals, the listed fees only cover the charges on our end. Other fees may be charged by your bank. Also, sometimes a bank transfer is done via an intermediary bank and the intermediary bank may charge an extra fee. We are not responsible for any fees charged by your bank or by an intermediary bank.

Fiat Withdrawals:

  • EUR SEPA Withdrawal - EEA countries only (€0.09)
  • USD SynapsePay Withdrawal - available in 37 US states + DC  ($5)
  • USD SWIFT (SMBC): available in most countries ($60)
  • GBP SWIFT (SMBC): available in most countries (£60)
  • EUR SWIFT (SMBC): available in most countries (€60)
  • JPY Domestic Withdrawal - Japan only (¥300)
  • CAD EFT Withdrawal - Canada only ($10 CAD flat fee)

Digital Currency Withdrawals:

  • Bitcoin                  ฿0.00050
  • Ether                    Ξ0.00500
  • Ripple                   Ʀ0.02000
  • Stellar                   STR 0.00002
  • Litecoin                 Ł0.02000
  • Dogecoin              Ð2.00
  • Zcash                   ⓩ0.00010
  • Iconomi                 ICN 0.200
  • Augur (REP)         Ɍ0.01000
  • Ether Classic        ξ0.00500
  • Dash                     Đ0.00500
  • Dash Instant         Đ0.01000
  • Gnosis                  Ğ0.01000

To make a withdrawal, log in and go to Account > Funding > Withdraw. Select the type of withdrawal you'd like to make and follow the given instructions.

Please note that the fees listed above can change without notice, and are not always current. See the withdrawal page for each type of withdrawal for the most current fee information.

Deposit fees are located here.