Digital assets/cryptocurrency withdrawal fees


Withdrawal fees are  charged to process withdrawals transactions of digital assets/cryptocurrencies from your Kraken account. For most digital assets/cryptocurrencies there are withdrawal fees. Please see below for a full and updated list:

Digital asset/cryptocurrency Code Fees
Bitcoin  XBT ฿0.0005
Litecoin LTC Ł0.001
Dogecoin XDG Ð2.00
Ripple XRP Ʀ0.02
Stellar/Lumen XLM *0.00002
Ether ETH Ξ0.005
Ether Classic ETC  ξ0.005
Melonport MLN M0.003
Monero XMR ɱ0.05
Augur REP Ɍ0.01
Iconomi ICN ICN 0.2
Zcash ZEC ⓩ0.00010
Gnosis GNO Ğ0.01
Tether USD USDT ₮5.0000
EOS EOS Ȅ0.05000
Bitcoin Cash BCH ฿0.0001

Please note that the fees listed above can change without notice, and are not always current. Please login to your Kraken account to see the most current fee information listed on each deposit page.

Deposit fees are located here.