I can't log into my account!

If you can't log into your account, this probably means that you're entering the wrong username, password, or two-factor authentication (one-time password).

Here is what you should do:

  • To get a username reminder, go to Log In > "Forgot Username?" and enter your Kraken account email. Check your email for the username reminder.
  • To reset your password, go to Log In > "Forgot Password?" and enter your Kraken account email and username. Check your email for the password reset link and be sure to enter your Master Key if you have one set on the account.
  • To bypass your two-factor authentication (one-time password), go to Log In > "One-time password unavailable?" and enter your Kraken account email, username and your master key. Check your email for the bypass code. We recommend that you remove your old two-factor authentication and create a new one once you have regained access to your account. 
  • Please remember that if you created a master key, you will need to enter it for both password reset and two-factor bypass. Please also notice that you can bypass two-factor authentication only if you have created a master key. So if you have a problem with two-factor authentication and didn't create a master key (or if you can't remember or access your master key) you need to contact customer support. 

If you're having trouble recovering your account, this probably means something is wrong with your login information that you don't expect, so you should carefully follow the complete account recovery steps listed under 'How can I recover my account?'. Finally, if you get a message saying you've been locked out of your account, please contact customer support.