What are the Verification Tiers?

The law requires we know who you are and where you are. The more services you need, the more information we have to collect from you.

  • Tier 0 - you can look around but you can't deposit, withdraw or make any trades. Email address required.
  • Tier 1 - you can deposit and withdraw in digital currency only. Trading, however, is enabled in digital as well as fiat currencies. Full name, date of birth, country and phone number are required.
  • Tier 2 - you can deposit, withdraw and trade in digital currency, and depending on your country of residence, fiat currency funding may be accessible to you. Bank deposits and withdrawals are available to clients in some areas at this tier and higher. You are required to provide your address. 
  • Tier 3 - fiat currency funding is available to Tier 3 clients and funding limits are much higher than Tier 2. You are required to upload a valid Government ID and a recent proof of residence (can be uploaded under 'Get Verified' tab of your Kraken account). In order to deposit fiat in the US, Canada, Germany, Japan, and other countries depending on what currency you intend to deposit, Tier 3 verification is required. Also, some funding options requires a photo ID confirmation: https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/204061056-What-is-an-ID-confirmation-photo-
  • Tier 4 - like Tier 3 but with even higher funding limits. There are both individual and corporate Tier 4 accounts. The required documents for Tier 4 individual accounts include a signed application form and KYC documents. Contact support if corporate account verification is necessary.

Once you submit your application, we'll review it as soon as we can. Usually Tier 1 and 2 verification takes a few hours and Tier 3 verification takes no longer than a few days.

Verified vs. Pre-verified

Verified - if you're "Verified" at a tier, then you've passed verification for this tier and your account is functioning at the highest "Verified" tier.

Pre-Verified - if you're "Pre-Verified" at a tier, then you've passed verification for this tier but your account activity is limited to a lower tier pending regulatory approval in your jurisdiction. Click here for more information.