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Does Kraken allow trading bots?
Clients are welcome to use trading bots to trade our markets.
Trading bots are actively used on every major financial exchange and every type of financial market (crypto, forex, stocks, commodities, etc.), and play a valuable role by adding order book liquidity and increasing market activity.
The third party video Humans Need Not Apply (by CGP Grey) provides more information about the history of trading bots on financial exchanges.

How to implement a trading bot

Some clients use our REST and WebSocket APIs to implement their own custom trading bot:
while other clients choose to use one of the many available third party trading bots (we are unable to recommend a particular third party trading bot, but provide the following list as a starting point for your own research):
  • Arkmon
  • Autoview
  • Cryptohopper
  • Gekko
  • Gunbot
  • Haasbot
  • Hummingbot
  • Kryll
  • and many more

Example trading bot code

As an example of how to implement a trading bot using our APIs, the following downloadable code implements a simple indicator based trading bot using our REST API:
The example trading bot is intended to show how the different aspects of our API (market data, account data, placing/cancelling orders, etc.) work together in a trading bot scenario.
Note that the example trading bot is not intended to be used for actual trading (there is no guarantee that the bot would make a profit).