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Ethereum funding using zkSync Era
Kraken clients may experience funding delays or failures for Ethereum transactions on the zkSync Era network. These delays are due to the network's early development stage, which can impact transaction processing.

Network disruptions and their impacts

Ethereum transactions on the zkSync Era network may face delays or failures due to its current alpha mainnet status. This early phase is prone to occasional disruptions that can affect deposits and withdrawals on Kraken.

Kraken's commitment to uptime and client support

Kraken aims to ensure maximum uptime for Ethereum transactions on the zkSync Era network. While network conditions are outside of Kraken's control, we actively work to mitigate any network issues and provide prompt support for affected transactions.

Navigating funding delays on Kraken

If you experience a delay or failure for your Ethereum transaction on the zkSync Era network, please contact Kraken Support with the transaction ID of your deposit or withdrawal. Our team is ready to assist in resolving these issues efficiently.
Note: The Kraken Support team cannot speed up deposits or withdrawals.
Kraken is committed to supporting the evolution of blockchain technologies like the zkSync Era network while maintaining high service standards for our clients.