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Trade Widget Settings on Kraken Pro
Refer to the details below to understand the various trade widget settings and capabilities supported on Kraken Pro.
With the trade widget you can enable or disable specific widgets from the dropdown menu. Simply switch each toggle to green to enable a specific widget. You can then move that widget to your desired location on the trade page.
Within each widget you can access the widget settings behind the 3-dot icon on the top right.
Order form
Show order summary:
  • View a summary of your order at the bottom of the order form next to the Buy/Sell button.
Prevent consecutive submitting (spot only):
  • Disable the Buy/Sell button for 3 seconds after order submission, helping avoid unintended double order submissions.
Reset quantity on order submission:
  • Reset the quantity field after order submission, helping avoid submitting another order with the same, incorrect quantity.
Enable web notifications:
  • Enable browser notifications for alerts so you can receive a notification outside of the Kraken Pro app. Learn more about alerts here: Price Alerts
Order book
User price ladder style:
  • Breakdown the order book by bid/ask instead of by price level.
Show cumulative volume size background:
  • Enable or disable the bid/ask volume bars for each price level on the order book.
Show step volume size background:
  • Rest the volume bars to be incremental instead of cumulative. Enabling this automatically disables the cumulative volume bars setting above.
Market chart
Open and trigger orders:
  • View open and trigger orders on the market chart.

Open positions:
  • View open positions on the market chart.
Order form preview:
  • Preview the order form configuration on the market chart. Does not apply to market orders.

Trade history (last 1000):
  • View your trade history on the market chart.
Market favorites
Favorites as cards:
  • Toggle between displaying favorites as a list or as cards. This can be helpful with legibility depending on how you’ve customized your trade layout.
Show small balances:
  • Toggle between displaying or not displaying assets for which you have only small balances.
Show ‘Cancel order’ confirmation:
  • Disable the modal that prompts you to confirm whether or not you want to cancel an order.

Show only selected market orders:
  • Filter the open orders widget to only display open orders for the market you are currently viewing.

Show order execution notifications:
  • Disable or enable the in-app notifications for when an order executes.
Show order expiry notifications:
  • Disable or enable the in-app notifications for when an order expires.
Show order total in quote value:
  • Show quote currency value (eg. USD) for your open orders.