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Cryptocurrency Funding FAQ
Why can’t I see my deposit or withdrawal?
Missing deposit If your cryptocurrency deposit is missing or you cannot find it in your Kraken account, it may be for a number of reasons. Visit our support article to find common reasons for a missing deposit that you can check.Missing withdrawal Please check that the funds were sent to the correct withdrawal address. If the funds were sent to a wallet, make sure the wallet is synced and up to date. If the funds were sent to another exchange, please contact the Exchange support for help locating the funds.
Cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible. Once a withdrawal has been sent from Kraken successfully on the blockchain, there isn't anything further we can do.
What cryptocurrencies and deposit networks does Kraken support?
See the cryptocurrencies and supported networks for each cryptocurrency Kraken offers.Please check that Kraken supports the network you send a deposit on before sending a deposit. Deposits sent on unsupported networks are likely non-recoverable.
Have a question about a deposit? Contact Support for assistance.
Why can’t I withdraw my cryptocurrency?
There may be several reasons why you are unable to withdraw cryptocurrencies from your account. If you receive a "Balance is insufficient for a withdrawal" error, or your funds are withheld or blocked, visit our support article for more information. 
Can I cancel my withdrawal?
If your withdrawal is still in the “Initiated” state you will be able to cancel the withdrawal and prevent it from sending. After it reaches the “Pending” state you may still be able to cancel your withdrawal. However, if the transaction has already been broadcast to the blockchain, you will not be able to cancel the withdrawal. Learn more about cryptocurrency withdrawal statuses here. 
Can I send cryptocurrency to another Kraken account?
Unfortunately, there are compliance restrictions that prevent the transfer of funds directly from one Kraken account to another.
Why haven’t I received the email to confirm a new withdrawal address?
If you have not received an email to confirm your withdrawal address, here are some general steps you can try before reaching out to our Support team.
It says the withdrawal address I’ve added is invalid?
Make sure the withdrawal address conforms to our supported withdrawal address formats. Some cryptocurrencies have several different address formats and we currently do not support all of them. If the withdrawal address you have entered does not conform, you will see "Invalid Address" when trying to make a cryptocurrency withdrawal.
Why is my withdrawal marked as Failed?
Why isn’t my 2FA working when I attempt to withdraw or unstake?
There are three Two-factor Authentication (2FA) codes available to you on Kraken:
Please ensure that you are using the Funding 2FA code when withdrawing and unstaking.
My withdrawal was returned, why don’t I see it in my account?
This is due to the fact that Kraken sends withdrawals out from a separate set of wallets than it uses for deposits. Returned funds are sent to Kraken’s Withdrawal wallets, and have to be recovered manually. If you require further help with your withdrawal contact Support for assistance.
Why don’t I see the option to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency?
Can I get the private keys for my deposit address on Kraken?
Kraken is not a wallet service, and all deposit addresses are custodial addresses through Kraken. You will not have access to the private keys of deposit addresses on your Kraken account.
Where can I find out if Kraken is experiencing cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal delays?
See our Status page for updates about any Funding delays or technical difficulties.
Why does my Ethereum withdrawal address have capital letters after I’ve saved it in my account?
Capitalization indicates that the address has been checksummed to ensure the address is valid on the Ethereum network. Ethereum addresses are not case-sensitive, both variations of the address are viable, and transactions sent to either variation will arrive at the intended destination. All Ethereum addresses that are added as a withdrawal address to your Kraken account will be displayed in the checksummed format.
How can I find an old transaction ID?
To find a deposit or withdrawal blockchain transaction ID on your Kraken account, visit How to find a deposit or withdrawal blockchain transaction ID.
Does Kraken support this Fork or Airdrop?
For more information on forks and airdrops visit our General statement on forks, airdrops and addition of new cryptocurrencies
Where can I learn more about the cryptocurrencies available on Kraken?
We have a dedicated Learn Center with lots of information about the various cryptocurrencies supported on our exchange. Take a look at the links below for useful beginner tools: