What is the Security Shield?
The Security Shield is a tool that helps simplify the way you set up security features on Kraken. It provides:
  • Increased transparencyEasily see how secure your account is at any moment. This feature is the first of its kind in our industry.
  • Immediate awarenessLearn of new security features as soon as they become available on Kraken.
  • Instant supportLearn how to enable new features as quickly and easily as possible. And be informed why these features provide the best security in the current digital landscape.
How does the Security Shield work?
  • The shield icon that sits in the top right of the page next to your name, fills up and changes color as you enable more security features.
  • By selecting 'Protect your account', you will be taken on a guided, step-by-step explanation on how to set up each security feature and learn the benefits of enabling them.
  • There are five different levels to the Security Shield.
    1. 1
      Critically LowSign-in 2FA is required
    2. 2
      LowFunding 2FA is required
    3. 3
      Medium Master Key is required
    4. 4
      HighGlobal Settings Lock is required
    5. 5
      MaximumNo further action required
Security Level: Critically Low
Upon creation of your Kraken account the Security Shield will indicate your security level as Critically Low. This is the lowest possible level of security, your account is only being protected by your Username and Password. It is absolutely essential that you secure your account with Sign-In 2FA, using either an Authenticator App or the most secure option, a Hardware Security Key. Both options generate a random code that must be entered every time you sign in to your account and greatly enhances the overall security of your account. Your Sign-in 2FA will be necessary to access Kraken.com, Kraken Support Center and Kraken Terminal.
Additionally, Sign-in 2FA activates Step-up 2FA which is an extra step that is required anytime you want to add, edit or remove any 2FA settings on your account. Once a change to your Kraken account is requested, you will be prompted to confirm your sign-in 2FA again via the 6-digit code from your Authenticator App or via your Hardware Security Key. The code must be entered correctly before any changes can be made to the 2FA settings on your account.
Security Level: Low
After setting up your sign-in 2FA, the Security Shield will indicate your overall security level as Low. When you click on the Shield it will prompt you to enable 2FA for Funding. You will again have the option of either an Authenticator App or a Hardware Security Key. Once enabled, you will need to enter the authenticator app code or use the Hardware Security Key to perform the following functions:
  • Generate a deposit address
  • Add a withdrawal address
  • Initiate a withdrawal
  • Initiate a transfer
  • Stake or unstake funds
Security Level: Medium
Once you have enabled 2FA for Funding, the Security Shield raises your security level to Medium. The Shield will then prompt you to set up a Master Key. In addition to Sign-in 2FA, the Master Key is one of Kraken’s most important security features as it protects your account from unwanted password resets or disabling of 2FA, even in the event of an email compromise. You have three options for the Master Key; authenticator app, Security Key or static password. Once enabled, you will need the Master Key to perform the following functions: 
Store your Master Key separately from other 2FA's
Storing it together with passwords and 2FA's will cancel out the security the Master Key can provide.