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Polkadot (DOT) redenomination information
  • On August 18th, 2020 all Polkadot deposits currently pending on Kraken will be credited and DOT will be converted into “New DOT” which redenominates and splits each DOT into 100.
    This means if you held 1 DOT before the 18th you will now hold 100 New DOT.
     However, we will be keeping the name as DOT.
  • The redenomination of the DOT
    will not
    affect the total value of your DOT balance.
  • As soon as your DOT has been credited (change from “Confirming” status to “Success” status) they will be available for staking*.
  • On August 21st transfers on the Polkadot mainnet will be enabled which means we will bring funding online so you may withdraw your DOTS.
More information can be found in our blog post from August 16th, 2020.
*An overview of eligibility criteria (including geographic restrictions) for On-chain staking can be found here.