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Order minimums, deposit and withdrawal minimums, etc.
The REST API Assets and AssetPairs endpoints provide almost all of the information that is required to trade our markets (such as minimum order sizes, price/volume decimal precision and available leverage levels), however there is some additional information that is not available via the API.
For example, the minimums for funding transactions (such as deposit/withdrawal minimums and minimum crypto deposit confirmations) are not currently provided via any API endpoint. These minimums are available via our trading and funding support pages, but for use with the API, it is also useful to have the same information in a programming friendly format (such as CSV format).
The following are CSV files (plain text files, with comma separated data) that can be used directly within API code, imported into a spreadsheet or converted into various other formats (TSV, database, etc.):
Note that these files should be downloaded and stored locally, not retrieved repeatedly via code. The minimums do not change very often, hence there is no benefit to downloading the files on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. In addition, Cloudflare will block repeated attempts to download the files.
For applications that need to download the CSV files more frequently or programmatically, the same files are available via a Google Drive. The Google Drive is not subject to the same Cloudflare restrictions, hence can be used in applications that might download the files more often and/or from multiple geographical locations.