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Does Kraken Futures provide investment advice?
We do not provide investment advice and none of the materials on our website nor any of our correspondence with you must be interpreted as investment advice.
Is Kraken Futures obliged to match my orders?
We reserve the right to refuse an offer to trade via the platform at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to cancel a previously accepted, but unmatched, offer at our sole discretion or to roll back trades we deem to have happened erroneously.
How much money can I lose?
By trading on the platform, you can lose up to the entire deposits sitting in your trading accounts, for instance if a trade moves against you. However, you cannot lose more than that.
What are the risks associated with using the platform?
When using the platform, you may suffer a loss if:
  • Prices move against you,
  • If the value of your collateral drops below the liquidation threshold,
  • If the platform becomes temporarily unavailable or otherwise malfunctions,
  • If your trade counterparty does not post sufficient margin to cover any profits you make,
  • If you want to close out a position prior to maturity but there is insufficient liquidity to do so or if you do not operate the platform correctly, for instance by withdrawing digital assets to an address you do not control.