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MtGox Creditor update: action required by October 22, 2018
Update: The deadline has now passed.
MtGox Creditors who filed a bankruptcy claim should have received a notification in June 2018 from the MtGox Trustee regarding the switch to civil rehabilitation proceedings.
The deadline for submitting your claim for the civil rehabilitation proceedings is October 22, 2018. This is different from the claim you may have submitted for the bankruptcy proceedings and must be done to ensure you receive a payout.
If you have only submitted a claim for the bankruptcy proceedings at this stage, then you need to submit a second claim for the rehabilitation proceedings by October 22, 2018 (Japan Standard Time).

Will I still be able to get my payout through Kraken?

We are working with the rehabilitation Trustee to provide payout support for Kraken clients. On October 5, 2018, Kraken executed a memorandum agreement with the rehabilitation Trustee regarding future support from Kraken. However, the details of Kraken's support have not yet been determined. You can read the announcement about the memorandum agreement here:

What is this about?

In September 2017, a co-operative of MtGox creditors formed in an effort to help ensure that creditors receive their share of any possible surplus funds due to appreciation in Bitcoin price. The group, calling themselves “MtGox Legal,” launched a website in October 2017 and issued a press release to explain their goal. The efforts of the group resulted in the Tokyo District Court ordering the commencement of “civil rehabilitation proceedings” that allow for a possible alternative plan to return Gox funds to creditors different from the plan under the bankruptcy proceedings already in progress.
The civil rehabilitation proceedings were ordered on June 22, 2018 and the bankruptcy proceedings were suspended at this time pending the result of the rehabilitation proceedings. If the rehabilitation proceedings arrive at an approved rehabilitation plan, this will include a plan for payouts to MtGox creditors with approved rehabilitation claims. If no rehabilitation plan is approved, then the bankruptcy proceedings will recommence. MtGox Legal has posted an outline of what they consider to be the best plan here, but any plan must be approved by the pending rehabilitation proceedings.
The original announcement of civil rehabilitation proceedings is here:

What MtGox creditors need to do now

If you have not done so already, you must submit a rehabilitation claim no later than October 22, 2018 (Japan Standard Time).

How do I submit a rehabilitation claim?

There are two methods for submitting your claim — online and offline. Please refer to the rehabilitation claim Q&A that explains the two methods and includes links to instructions for both.
Note that the offline method requires that the claim form be received at the provided address by October 22.

Where can I get help with filing my claim or answering questions?

See the information available on the MtGox website that answers many questions. A phone number and email have also been provided for answering questions.
Support phone number and frequently asked questions:
Email support (for the online system only)

Can Kraken help me with a rehabilitation claim?

Although we have signed a memorandum agreement with the rehabilitation Trustee for possible future support, we are not supporting the rehabilitation proceedings in any way at this time.
See the section above for for links to phone and email support provided by the Trustee.

What if I acquired a MtGox claim from a third party?