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Troubleshooting PGP email encryption
In case you have any issues with using PGP email encryption, you can find the most common questions answered below. If you still experience issues, please contact our Support team by clicking on Help in the bottom right corner.

What is the "signature.asc" email attachment?
  • The signature.asc file that is attached to all automated emails being sent from [email protected] and [email protected] can be used to verify whether the email was actually sent by Kraken.
  • You don’t need to open it
    , since it’s a file that is meant to be decrypted by PGP software.
  • It contains a
    text block which is generated by using both the content of the email and Kraken's PGP private key. Generally email providers will automatically decrypt this text with the public key of Kraken, and show you whether a sender is verified.
  • For more information on the topic we suggest you review our article on what PGP is.

How do I find and share my PGP public key?
  • To find your public key, review the documentation provided by your PGP software; every software provider stores public keys in different ways.
  • Note: you should never share your private key with anyone. Kraken will never ask for your private keys.
  • Once you have found your public key we recommend following the steps laid out here to set up PGP encrypted email communication.