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Flare (FLR) Airdrop Explainer
On January 10, 2023, Kraken accounts that had an XRP balance at the time of the snapshot, taken on December 11, 2020, received FLR tokens for which they are eligible.
Flare Protocol is sharing its remaining token distribution with holders of wrapped FLR. This will be split into 36 installments over time, and each installment will be proportionally allocated to each applicable wallet.
To calculate the amount due to each wallet, the balance will be calculated based on 3 random snapshot chosen from the 23 days prior to distribution day (example: if a wallet contains an average of 0.0001% of total circulating supply of WFLR, then the wallet will be eligible for 0.0001% of the next distribution allocation). More details in (FIP.01): Summary & Implementation
Non-centralized exchange users may miss out on future airdrops so Kraken has chosen to facilitate an automatic airdrop distribution so you don’t have to claim it manually on-chain.
Here is what you need to know about the Kraken socialized distribution system:
To ensure a fair and simplified distribution of the Flare (FLR) airdrop to our users, Kraken will distribute 100% of the FLR airdrops to Kraken clients in the following method of distribution:
  • Every 30 days, Kraken will distribute the FLR airdrop to clients who have staked during the 30 days.
  • The airdrop will be distributed proportionally to the amount and the length of time you were staking FLR.
  • The distribution calculation will reset every 30 days after each airdrop, ensuring that clients will only receive the airdrop for the 30 day period in which they had staked FLR.
    • For example, if an airdrop occurs on the 15th of March and you staked FLR on the 10th of March, but unstaked on the 14th of March then you will receive a portion of the airdrop for staking between the 10th and 14th of March, but you won’t receive any further airdrops unless you re-stake.
  • Please note that the airdrop distribution is separate from the staking rewards. As such, Kraken will continue to payout the staking rewards each week, while the airdrop will be distributed shortly after its distribution on-chain each month.
Airdrop accumulation dates (2023)Expected distribution date (2023)
14th February - 17th March @ 12:00 UTC
7th April 
17th March - 16th April @ 12:00 UTC16th April
16th April - 16th May @ 12:00 UTC17th May
17th May - 16th June @ 12:00 UTC16th June
  • Airdrop Accumulation Dates - Dates you would have had to have been staked in order to receive a portion of the airdrop.
  • Dates Distributed – Date we distributed the airdrop to clients.
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