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Belgian VASP Information
One of Kraken’s European entities, Payward Europe Solutions Limited, has notified its intention to provide in Belgium services for exchanging between virtual and fiat currencies and/or acting as custodial wallet provider (the ‘VASP Services’) as of 1st November, 2023.
This means that if you access VASP Services on the Kraken platform and you reside in Belgium, you will contract with Payward Europe Solutions Limited for such services as more fully described in the mark-up of the Kraken Terms of Service.
Payward Europe Solutions Limited has its registered office at:
70 Sir John Rogerson's Quay,
Dublin Docklands,
Dublin 2,
D02 R296.
In order to reflect this change, the Kraken Terms of Service will be updated (as of 1st November) to add Payward Europe Solutions Limited as a Kraken service provider with respect to VASP Services for Belgian clients. In order to facilitate your continued use of VASP services on the Kraken platform, Payward Europe Solutions Limited will process your personal data as a data controller in line with Kraken’s Privacy Notice.