What information is required when adding a new bank account?
Prevent deposit delays
If required and shown in the deposit instructions, make sure your deposit includes a reference to your Kraken Public account ID which starts with AA and is 16 characters long.
Our funding providers each have their own specific requirements for what is needed to process a bank withdrawal. Below is a summary of the various input fields you may encounter:
Description is a unique description used to identify this bank account, so you can easily remember it.
Name on account must match the legal name on your bank account and your Kraken account.
Account number is your unique bank account number.
IBAN is your unique bank account number, presented in an international format used by certain countries.
BSB is the (Bank-State-Branch) number, which is a six digit number used to identify your individual branch of a financial institution in Australia.
BIC, SWIFT, and Bank code are often used interchangeably. All variations are a unique code to identify your bank or financial institution.
Transit number is typically a five digit number located on your cheque book.
Sort code is a six digit number which is used by British and Irish banks.
Routing Number is a nine digit FedWire capable routing number. Please consult your financial institution for the proper number to use.
Bank name is the name of your bank or financial institution.
Branch name is used to specify the branch where your bank account is held. E.g. "Main Street Office".
Address is the physical address of your bank’s branch, including the country.
Intermediary is an optional field to be used if you wish to specify a preferred intermediary bank to facilitate your transfer.