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Deposits from and withdrawals to third parties
For compliance reasons, Kraken does not accept cash transfers, to or from, financial institutions such as:
  • Other exchanges.
  • Brokerage, investment services.
  • Financial service providers that do not issue a bank account in your name for the processing of payments.
The list above is not exhaustive. These institutions are not banks and rely on payment processors or use a single shared bank account in their own name to process payments on their clients’ behalf. Hence, deposits sent from these institutions reach us as transfers from a bank account in the name of a third-party and will have to be returned for this reason.
Your deposits have to be sent from a bank account in your own name. Similarly, withdrawals should only be sent to a bank account in your name.
Ensure that you read the full deposit information on deposit pages when funding your account.
In rare instances, we may be able to make an exception to the above policy after a careful review. Please contact Kraken Support if you would like to inquire about this process. Additional information and documentation may be required for further review. No exception can be made in the case of transfers from or to other crypto exchanges.
Please note, cash and crypto deposits are not permitted from prohibited regions, including Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa), Iran, Iraq, Japan, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Syria.