For information on changes for our US clients, please visit our Support Center article.

Recent changes to funding for EEA clients
On the 25th of September 2023 one of Kraken’s entities - Payward Ireland Limited. - was granted an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license by the Central Bank of Ireland, as a result we will soon update our methods for cash deposits and withdrawals. This licensing will allow us to offer more products and provide a better client experience moving forward. Any cash funds deposited to Payward Ireland Limited are safeguarded.
We will communicate to you, ahead of time, the date at which the deposit and withdrawal methods on your account will need to be updated. Once this date has passed, please follow the instructions linked in the section below.
What does it mean that my cash deposits to Kraken are safeguarded?
According to EU law, safeguarding of funds means that all your cash funds deposited to Kraken will be protected in the event of our insolvency, which means that they will be available for disbursement to you rather than to any other potential creditors.
How do I update my deposit bank details or add a new withdrawal bank account?
Guide for Kraken Web:
Guide for Kraken Pro:
You can also follow our step-by-step instructions on how to update your bank details below:
What happens if I don’t update my banking app with these new bank details?
You’ll still be able to make deposits using the old Kraken bank details, however, you are likely to experience delays. As a result, we strongly advise you to update your banking app with our new bank details so that you don’t experience any delays with your cash deposits on Kraken. 
What happened with my saved withdrawal information?
As Kraken received an EMI license and added new cash funding options, after November 1st we will remove your previous funding options which do not offer the same benefits. As a consequence, the bank account details you have saved for the old withdrawal methods will no longer be available to you. Please re-add your bank account details for the new withdrawal methods.
You can follow our step-by-step instructions on how to update your bank details:
Can I continue funding my Kraken account using Plaid?
Yes, if Plaid funding is available to you, you can continue using it the same way as you did before.