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Cost minimum for trading
Currency availability
Some currencies listed below are not available in specific countries.
The Cost minimum order size goes by quote currency. The quote currency is the right or the second currency in a currency pair. For example, in the currency pair BTC/USD, USD is the quote currency.
If an order does not satisfy the cost minimum, it will be canceled and you will see the error, Cost minimum not met.
For the minimum order size by base currency see: Minimum order size (volume) for trading
Quote currencyCost minimum
Australian Dollar1 AUD
Canadian Dollar1 CAD
Swiss Franc0.5 CHF
Euro0.45 EUR
Pound Sterling0.43 GBP
Japanese Yen50 JPY
US Dollar0.5 USD
Bitcoin0.00002 BTC
Dai0.5 DAI
Ethereum0.0002 ETH
USD Coin0.5 USDC
Tether0.5 USDT