How to contact Kraken Phone Support
Phone support availability
Kraken phone support is temporarily paused, please reach out to our live chat specialists, or submit a support request.

How inbound phone support works

English phone support is available in North American time zones, throughout the United Kingdom and the EU. If you aren't located in our supported areas: don’t worry – we will be expanding our inbound phone support presence in the coming months! Please also be aware that long distance charges may apply if you are outside of our supported areas. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Kraken without first having been contacted via email, please hang up and contact Support for clarification.
Phone support can help with:
General questions
Cryptocurrency and cash funding
Trading issues
issues for zero balance accounts
Phone support cannot help with:
Verification issues
issues for accounts with a balance

Beware of scams

If you find a phone number online to be Kraken Support that is not on our Support page ( assume that it's a phishing scam. Do not call it. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be Kraken without having email contact with Kraken Support first, please hang up and contact Support for clarification.
Kraken Support specialists will never ask you for the following:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Two Factor Authentication Code
  • Device Approval Code
  • Wallet Addresses or seed words
  • Master Key 
  • Remote access to your computer
  • Removal of or changes to your account security settings
If you are asked for any of this information please hang up and contact Support.
Be sure to also follow our guide for securing your account.
Note: Long distance charges may apply.