'Insufficient Funds' error when placing an order
If you get the "Insufficient Funds" error when you place an order, it could be due to the following:


1. You have open orders that are tying up your funds.

Open orders may prevent more orders from being placed.
Solution: Cancel all your open orders (even stop orders) and try again. 
Your open orders can be found by navigating to the “Trade” > “Orders” tab from the menu and you can cancel them by clicking on the red “X” to the right of the order:


2. You do not have funds for the selected currency pair

Placing a spot order for a currency pair which you do not have funds in will result in this error. For example, trying to place a BTC/USD order when your account currently only holds CAD.
Solution: Select a currency pair which matches the currencies you currently hold.


3. You did not choose a level of leverage.

If you were looking to place a spot position on margin but did not select a level of leverage, you can get this error.