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Sending crypto for Canadian clients
Kraken has introduced a few changes for our clients in Canada in order to comply with local regulations. This change will only impact clients in Canada who are transferring crypto assets from their Kraken account to a wallet off the Kraken platform. This change will not affect your experience of buying and selling crypto assets on Kraken.
What is changing?
Canadian clients making a crypto asset withdrawal equivalent to 1,000 CAD or more from their Kraken account to a wallet off the Kraken platform will see a popup message before completing the withdrawal.
The message is in relation to the Travel Rule, which requires us to collect additional information about the recipient of that transaction, if a Canadian client's withdrawal meets certain conditions.
What is the Travel Rule?
The Travel Rule is a requirement to ensure that specific information is included with a transfer that is sent or received on Kraken. For crypto assets, any crypto transaction equivalent to 1,000 CAD or more must be accompanied by certain client and recipient information.
Which transactions are impacted?
Transactions that meet the following condition:
  • A Canadian makes a crypto asset withdrawal equivalent to 1,000 CAD or more.
  • The recipient's wallet is held by another exchange or an entity other than Kraken.
Reminder: Kraken-to-Kraken address withdrawals are not permitted.
Can I withdraw to a third party?
You can not send crypto assets to a third party.
Note: A third party is considered a recipient whose wallet is not owned by the person initiating the withdrawal.
What will Kraken do with personal information?
The privacy of your personal information is very important to us. We continuously strive to protect your information through the dedicated efforts of our Security Team.
If you would like more details on how we protect your personal information, you can read our Privacy Notice.