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Can I purchase an NFT listed outside Kraken?
Trade holds
Purchasing cryptocurrencies with credit cards or via ACH online banking will trigger a trade hold for the transacting user. This will prevent NFT trade activity (purchases, sales and offers) for a period of 72 hours, for enhanced security.
Kraken supports the ability to purchase non-custodied NFTs that are listed for sale on other on-chain NFT marketplaces. When purchased through Kraken the NFT is automatically deposited into your Kraken account. These purchases are subject to the constraints of blockchain transactions, namely transaction times and gas fees. Kraken does not charge an additional fee for this service.
NFTs purchased directly from the blockchain will usually take 5-7 minutes to complete. However, it may take up to a maximum of 1 hour to complete the transaction due to network congestion. During this time, the funds used to purchase the NFT will be placed on hold while Kraken attempts to purchase the NFT from the blockchain. If, for whatever reason, Kraken is unable to acquire the NFT, the funds will be released back into your custody at no extra charge.
A standard 2% transaction fee applies to NFT transactions where the NFT is custodied on Kraken, this is included in the listed price. Listing prices for non-custodied NFTs (external listings) include estimated gas fees required to purchase the NFT and these fees are not broken out separately. If applicable, creator fees are paid once by the seller, at the time of the on-chain purchase.
NFTs that are deposited into your Kraken account are held in our secure custody, allowing our NFT trading engine to match orders and facilitate instant sales between clients. While there is a gas cost incurred when initially depositing an NFT into your Kraken account, all trading activity of deposited NFTs does not incur a gas fee, unlike on-chain NFT marketplaces.