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NFT Marketplace FAQ
Withdrawal hold
NFTs are subject to withdrawal holds. Certain deposits, such as first time ACH purchases, digital wallet, or debit/credit card purchases, will trigger a withdrawal hold for security purposes. If you do not have enough collateral in your account to satisfy the hold amount, one or more of your NFTs may be subject to a withdrawal hold. This means they cannot be withdrawn until the hold expires. Holds generally last 72 hours or up to 7 days depending on hold type. Learn more about withdrawal holds here.
Trade holds
Purchasing cryptocurrencies with credit cards, or via ACH online banking, may prevent NFT purchases, sales and offers for a period of 72 hours, for enhanced security.
Account requirements Clients will require Intermediate or Pro account verification in order to take full advantage of the NFT marketplace.


Can I deposit any NFT to my Kraken account?
No, only NFTs from collections we support should be sent to your Kraken account. If you mistakenly sent an NFT to your Kraken account that is not a part of our supported collections, please contact support for assistance.
Does Kraken charge a fee to deposit an NFT to my Kraken account?
No, NFT deposits do not incur a fee from Kraken.


Can I accidentally withdraw my NFT to the wrong chain?
No, only approved withdrawal addresses for the correct chain will be selectable upon withdrawal.
Is there a fee to withdraw my NFT from my Kraken account?
Yes, there is a 0.01 ETH fee for Ethereum withdrawals and 0.02 SOL fee for Solana withdrawals. You may also incur a gas fee (network fee) for NFT withdrawal.
Gas fees are charged by the blockchain and the amount of the gas fee is therefore not controlled by Kraken and cannot be manually set or adjusted by us. 
Because the transaction fee varies based on network conditions, it is possible that the fee will go up or down at any given time, and these changes are not able to be predicted.
I can't withdraw my NFT from my Kraken account, why?
There are multiple reasons an NFT withdrawal could fail:
  • Not enough funds to pay for withdrawal fee.
  • Not enough funds in your Kraken account to pay for gas (network fee).
  • No approved withdrawal address for the correct chain.
  • Restrictions on your account (withdrawal lock).
If you require further assistance with any of the above, please contact support.


What is a Web3 wallet?
Web3 wallets are non-custodial browser extension wallets, such as Metamask for ETH and Phantom for SOL.
Which NFTs can I view from my Web3 wallet?
Only NFTs from collections that are a part of our whitelist will be displayed in your Kraken account.
Which chains are supported for Web3 wallet connection?
Ethereum and Solana are supported for Web3 wallet connections.
What wallets are supported?
MetaMask (Ethereum) and Phantom (Solana) are currently supported. WalletConnect is set to be added in the future.
Is ERC1155 supported?
Not at the moment, but it is planned for a future release.


Can I only buy NFTs that are listed as for sale?
No! You can use the Make an Offer button to submit an offer for an NFT not listed for sale. Note that this does not guarantee that the offer will be accepted.
Can I pay for an NFT with any currency?
No, if you do not hold the currency that is listed for the NFT you would like to buy now, you will need to fund your account or trade to ensure your balance has enough of the particular currency required for the purchase. However, you can make an offer to buy an NFT using any currency supported by Kraken.
How do I purchase an NFT on Kraken?
For step-by-step instructions on purchasing on NFT: How to buy and sell NFTs on Kraken
What are the fees for using the NFT Marketplace on Kraken?
All fees are located in our fee table.


Are collection airdrops supported for NFT holders?
Kraken makes no promises, guarantees or warranties with respect to the outcome of potential or proposed airdrops, and no promises about the addition of new tokens in general. Clients should not assume that Kraken will list or credit any fork, airdrop or any other token. If you wish to participate in a fork or airdrop, withdraw the affected NFT to your own private wallet well ahead of the deadline. Review the differences between a crypto wallet and a crypto exchange for more information.
How does Kraken secure my NFTs?
To find out more about how Kraken secures NFTs visit Kraken's security features.
When the image of an NFT is showing 'Content not available' what does that mean?
This will occur when there are broken media links coming from a particular collection.
What notifications will I receive for marketplace activity?
You will receive an email notification from [email protected] when
  • Your NFT receives an offer or is sold.
  • Your offer on an NFT has been accepted.
  • You buy an NFT.
  • You deposit or withdraw an NFT.
What does this error message mean?
Error Name
Max price must be higher than the minimum one.
Occurs when searching for NFTs and using the price filter and the maximum price entered is equal or lower than the minimum price entered.
Enter a price higher than the minimum price.
Your wallet couldn’t connect. Try again.
There is an issue with connecting between the Kraken website and the user’s web3 wallet.
You must make sure to approve the connection popup and to be the wallet’s actual owner.
No compatible Ethereum wallet detected.
The Kraken website cannot find a compatible Ethereum wallet to connect to.
Only the Metamask wallet is supported for Ethereum currently. Please make sure to have Metamask installed when attempting to connect.
Could not detect any compatible Solana wallets.
The Kraken website cannot find a compatible Solana wallet to connect to.
Only the Phantom wallet is supported for Solana currently. Please make sure to have Phantom installed when attempting to connect.
We couldn’t remove your wallet. Please try again.
An error occurred when the user requested to remove a particular web3 wallet.
This is likely to be a server error that the user cannot resolve. Please contact support.
Your NFT couldn’t be deposited in your account. Please try again.
An error occurred when attempting to deposit an NFT from a connected web3 wallet.
This problem can be caused by either the wallet or Kraken’s servers. Please contact support.

Cancel offer

Error Name
You can’t cancel this offer because you didn’t make it.
You are attempting to cancel an offer that was not made by you.
Make sure the offer you are attempting to cancel was made by you.
This offer isn’t available anymore.
The offer in question may have expired or be invalid.
Make sure the offer has not expired and is valid.
This offer was made less than 1 hour ago and can’t be canceled yet.
Offers are locked for one hour to prevent potential spam.
Please wait for the offer to be 1 hour old before canceling.

Place offer

Error Name
The NFT you’re looking for isn’t available on Kraken.
This NFT is not included in the NFT data accessible to Kraken.
Make sure the NFT is on Kraken’s whitelist.
This offer is no longer available.
This offer may have been canceled or expired.
Make sure the offer has not been canceled and has not expired.
Your offer must be active for at least 1 hour.
The minimum duration for offers is 1 hour to prevent spam.
Set the offer to expire after a duration of at least 1 hour from now.

Accept NFT offer

Error Name
This offer is no longer available.
The offer is not available as it may have expired or was canceled.
Make sure the offer you want to accept is valid.
You can’t accept your own offer. Even if it’s the best.
You are trying to accept your own offer.
Make sure the offer you want to accept is not your own.
This currency isn’t supported. Choose another one.
You may have chosen an invalid or unsupported currency.
Please select a valid currency.
This NFT isn’t in your balance and you can’t accept this offer now.
The NFT in question is either not owned by you or may be withheld for other purposes.
Make sure the NFT is in your control.
The buyer couldn’t pay their offer and your NFT wasn’t sold,
The sale of this NFT was not completed due to a problem with the purchase.
Make sure purchases are working correctly and all assets involved have no issues, then try again.
How do I export ledger data?
This functions the same as for normal ledger data. To find out more visit our support article.
Is there a transaction fee?
A 2% transaction fee is included when the NFT being purchased is custodied on Kraken.
What does a 'burn' status mean in the transaction history?
When an NFT is sent to the burn address you will see a 'burn' description shown in the transaction history. The NFT becomes permanently removed from the supply and can never be traded.