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"Transfer" ledger entries vs Kraken Futures transfers
There are two different contexts in which the term "transfer" is used on Follow this guide to avoid mixing them up when analyzing your history.

Transfer page

The Funding > Transfer page was created for transfers to and from your Kraken account and the Kraken Futures platform.
Because Kraken Futures is technically a separate platform from
  • A transfer to your Kraken Futures wallet will show up as two"withdrawal" entries in your Kraken account's Ledger history.
  • A transfer from your Kraken Futures wallet will show up as two"deposit" entries in your Kraken account's Ledger history. 
Withdrawals to Kraken Futures can be distinguished from external withdrawals by the zero value in the Fee column.
Unfortunately there is no way to distinguish deposits from Kraken Futures versus deposits from external sources. You'll need to download your Kraken Futures history from and cross-reference it with your ledger.

Transfer type

Before Kraken Futures existed, the Ledger history page and export files have been using the "transfer" transaction type to denote funds passed down from Kraken (e.g. BCH hardfork, XLM airdrop) and funds sent to and from Kraken's OTC desk.
The "transfer" transaction type does not include transfers made to and from your Kraken Futures wallet.