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Sign challenge (WebSocket API)
The subscribe and unsubscribe requests to WebSocket private feeds require a signed challenge
message with the user api_secret.
The challenge is obtained as is shown in Section WebSocket API Public (using the api_key).
Authenticated requests must include both the original challenge message (original_challenge) and the signed (signed_challenge) in JSON format.


The challenge is a UUID string.
Example c100b894-1729-464d-ace1-52dbce11db42 

The steps to sign the challenge are the same as the steps to generate an authenticated REST request
except for step 1 which now is just the challenge string:
  1. 1
    Hash the challenge with the SHA-256 algorithm
  2. 2
    Base64-decode your api_secret
  3. 3
    Use the result of step 2 to hash the result of step 1 with the HMAC-SHA-512 algorithm
  4. 4
    Base64-encode the result of step 3
The result of the step 4 is the signed challenge which will be included in the subscribe request.
The table below shows the expected output from example inputs:
signed output