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MtGox - FAQ
All Mt. Gox Creditors that elect to use Kraken must have an Intermediate or Pro level Kraken account.
How can I make a change to the details of my MtGox claim?
It is not possible for Kraken to make any changes to a MtGox claim or the details associated with your claim like address or email. 
What is the status of my MtGox claim?
While claims can be linked to Kraken accounts, all of the details of the claims themselves are stored on the MtGox trustee servers — not on Kraken servers
For creditors who filed online, you can view the results on the MtGox claims website. If you are unable to sign in, please contact the trustee's help desk, as Kraken support staff are unable to help with such issues.
For creditors who filed offline, the trustee will send you an email to notify you.
Why can't I access the MtGox claims website?
If you are having trouble accessing the MtGox claims website, then you can try to reset your password by clicking “Forgot password?” on the login page.If you still cannot access the claims website, then you must contact the MtGox trustee's help desk.
What is Kraken’s role in the MtGox claim process?
Kraken had a limited role in the initial bankruptcy claim process by helping to collect claims. As a result of a petition filed by some creditors, MtGox is out of bankruptcy and has entered civil rehabilitation.
Kraken client support cannot help with MtGox claim inquiries because:
  • The MtGox trustee is independent of Kraken.
  • Claim information is stored only on the trustee's servers, not on Kraken's servers. 
  • Claim information is private between clients and the trustee.
  • Kraken is not involved in approving or denying claims.
  • Kraken does not determine when claims are distributed.
When the MtGox trustee finishes approving claims and selects a distribution date, we may provide payout support for that distribution. However, the details of Kraken's support have not yet been determined.
For any questions or issues with your MtGox claim, you'll need to contact the MtGox trustee's help desk.
Why was my claim not accepted?
Kraken is not part of the vetting process for claims and we do not know the reasons why the trustee will accept/decline your claim.
Please contact the MtGox trustee's help desk to find out why your claim has not been accepted.
My claim was approved. Where are my bitcoins?
Even though your claim was approved, payouts will not happen until a later date, to be announced by the trustee.
When is the payout date?
The trustee has not yet announced any details on the payout date. For more details, you may also consult the MtGox trustee’s FAQ page.
How can I contact the MtGox trustee's help desk?
Please note that their responses may not be timely since they have received many inquiries.
Operating Days: Monday to Friday (excluding Japanese national holidays)Operating Hours: 1:00pm to 10:00pm JST (Japan time)
Operating Days: Monday to Friday (excluding Japanese national holidays)Operating Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm JST (Japan time)
MTGOX Co., Ltd. Office of Bankruptcy TrusteeSuite 202, Kojimachi 3-chome Building3-4-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JapanThe MtGox trustee's help desk is separate and independent from Kraken Support.
For more details, you may also consult the MtGox trustee’s FAQ page.