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How do I view detailed information about an asset in my Kraken Wallet?
Kraken Wallet provides you with comprehensive information about your crypto assets. When you tap on an asset in your wallet, you'll be taken to the Asset view, which displays crucial asset information and market data.

Accessing Asset Market Data

  1. 1
    Open your Kraken Wallet.
  2. 2
    Tap on any asset in your wallet.
  3. 3
    The Asset view will open, displaying asset information and market data.
    Asset View
  4. 4
    Swipe the page up to view more details or down to view your transaction history.
    TX History

Available Information

User-Specific Data
Asset Balance: Your current holdings of the selected asset and the cash equivalent value.
Price Data
Price: The asset's current market price
Price Chart and Price Change Percentage: Visual representation of price trends with time range options (24h, 1w, 1m, 1y, All)
Asset Information
  • Asset Description: A brief overview of the asset and its purpose.
  • Contract Address: Tap to copy.
  • External links: Website, Socials, and Blockchain Explorer.
Market Data
  • Market Cap: Total market value of the asset
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: Market cap if the max supply was in circulation
  • Circulating Supply: Number of tokens currently in the market
  • Max Supply: Maximum number of tokens that will ever exist
  • Total Supply: Number of tokens created (excluding burned tokens)
  • 24h Volume: Trading volume in the last 24 hours
  • All-Time Low: Lowest recorded price
  • All-Time High: Highest recorded price
Asset Reputation
Kraken Wallet use public lists (e.g., Token Lists), open source lists (e.g., DappRadar), and private lists to determine the reputation of an asset as Listed, Not listed or Likely spam.