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Devido à crescente demanda, a verificação da conta poderá demorar. Evite enviar várias solicitações, e para melhores resultados, veja nossos Requisitos de documentação em primeiro lugar.
Auditor cooperation
Corporate clients may need to have their account balances on a particular date confirmed for their auditor. Our team is ready to assist with this process. 
However, sometimes hackers will pretend to be auditors in an attempt to extract account information. So we've developed a set of procedures to safely handle legitimate auditor cooperation requests while filtering out the fake ones.
Eligible Accounts
At this time, we can only cooperate with audit requests for Pro verified clients.
If you have an Intermediate account and require a balance confirmation for your tax authority or bank, we may be able to assist you. Please open a support ticket detailing your request here
Eligible Requestors
For security reasons, we do not accept requests that come directly from an auditor — not even if the auditor shows documents from the client approving an audit. We will only assist with audit requests that come directly from the account owner or an authorized accessor of the account. 
The Process
  • An authorized accessor needs to sign in to the Support Center from the account that is being audited and create a support ticket using the General Form to request audit cooperation. The email we communicate with must be the email that the account has on file. (We do not accept audit requests that originate from Live Chat.)
  • We will then request:
    • An ID confirmation photo (IDCP)
    • The information that needs to be confirmed for the auditor
    • The auditor's contact details
  • After verifying the IDCP, we will check the account and produce a letter confirming the requested information. This will be sent to the client directly via email and we will CC the auditor. 
Please note: we will not provide the auditor with any account information not approved by the authorized accessor.
New requests for account information need to go through the same approval process again. To avoid delays, please make sure to include everything required in your initial request.