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WebSocket API v1 test suite (JavaScript)
Our WebSocket API provides a live stream of the market data (order book, ticker, trade executions, etc.) for our markets. It also gives real time status updates for various account information (open orders, trades, etc.).
Any modern programming language (Python, JavaScript, Java, C variants, Go etc.) can be used to implement our WebSocket API, but sometimes it is necessary to interact with the API without writing any custom code (such as for message validation, networking testing, etc.).
For this purpose, we provide the following WebSocket API test suites, that allow interaction with the public market data feeds and the private (authenticated) order/trade status feeds via a graphical web browser (We recommend using Chrome).
(market data)
(account status and trading)

Usage Instructions

  • Download and unzip the test suite Zip files
    • This will create new directories/folders named Kraken_WebSocket_Test_Suite_Public and Kraken_WebSocket_Test_Suite_Private containing the HTML, JavaScript, CSS and image files for the test suites.
  • Open the WebSocket_API_Public.html and WebSocket_API_Private.html files
    • Any modern graphical web browser can be used, but Chrome is recommended.
  • Click the Open WebSocket Connection button
    • This will create a new persistent connection to the WebSocket API, using the appropriate WebSocket URL ( or
  • Send a subscription or trading message to the WebSocket API
    • Enter a message in the small text box and click the Send Message to WebSocket button.
  • Receive the response from the WebSocket API
    • Live streamed messages will be displayed in the large text area.
  • Click the Close WebSocket Connection button
    • This will close the connection to the WebSocket API and the live streamed messages will stop.

Example Screenshot