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Kraken Futures Welcome Bonus Terms & Conditions
Offer is subject to the Payward Brokers Pte. Ltd Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") and expires at 12 UTC on 10th of May, 2023 (the "Offer Period"). Your Futures wallet will be funded with Kraken Futures USD Credit valued at the equivalent of $30 USD. Each Kraken Futures USD Credit will be treated on the same terms as if it is a $1 USD collateral asset. Kraken Futures USD Credits may only be used as Collateral (as defined in the Terms) and pay fees/funding rates in your Futures wallet and cannot be withdrawn, transferred, redeemed, or otherwise used except as Collateral within your Futures wallet. If you do not place a Futures Order before the expiration of the Offer Period, you forfeit the Kraken Futures USD Credits, and they will be reclaimed from your Futures wallet by Kraken. If you do place a Futures Order during the Offer Period, the Kraken Futures USD Credits will remain in your Futures wallet unless it is reclaimed to cover fees; reclaimed from your Futures wallet by Kraken in connection with a Position Liquidation, Position Assignment, or Position Unwind (as those terms are defined in the Terms); or reclaimed in connection with the closing of the associated Account. Offer only valid to recipients of this email. Only one offer redeemable per account.
Trading futures, derivatives and other instruments using leverage involves an element of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Read Kraken’s risk disclosure to learn more.