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What are deposits (DeFi positions) in Kraken Wallet?
Kraken Wallet allows you to easily view your wallet’s DeFi positions, such as assets you are lending or borrowing.
These DeFi positions are displayed in the Deposits section on your Kraken Wallet home screen.

What is a deposit?

Kraken Wallet refers to all DeFi positions as Deposits. There are multiple types of DeFi positions, including: Lending, Borrowing, Staking, Liquidity Provider (LP), and Vaults. These different position types represent some of the most common DeFi use cases, such as earning yield (lending, staking, etc.) or borrowing against collateral.
To better understand what this means, let’s look at an example of lending and borrowing on Aave:
In the image above, we can see the details of a DeFi position that was created on Aave (
  • The user deposited two assets, ARB and WETH, which automatically earn yield and can be used to borrow against. This is seen in the Lending section.
  • The user borrowed one asset, USDT, which accrues interest until it is paid back in full. This is seen in the Borrowed section. Additionally, the USDT has been labeled as Debt to help you manage your position.

How do I create or manage my Deposits (DeFi positions)?

  • If you imported an existing wallet to Kraken Wallet that already had DeFi positions, then your position(s) should be displayed in Deposits.
  • If you wish to create a new position, you can use your Kraken Wallet to connect to DeFi dapps via WalletConnect.
  • Similarly, if you wish to manage a position you can connect your wallet to the relevant dapp via WalletConnect and perform your desired actions.

Why don’t I see a Deposits section?

That’s to be expected if you don’t have any active DeFi positions.
Additionally, Kraken Wallet currently supports DeFi positions on Ethereum or other EVM-compatible networks (e.g. Layer 2s) only, which means that Solana positions are not displayed.