For information on changes for our US clients, please visit our Support Center article.

Regaining access after July 10, 2024
The exact service start and other dates may vary. Clients will be contacted with confirmation of the dates.
As per regulatory requirements, Kraken is offering a remediation window in which clients can perform the required verification, more information is available here. Clients should withdraw their assets if they do not want to perform the required verification.
What happens if I do not reverify my account?
Accounts that have not completed the verification process will receive two phased suspensions, as detailed here.
I don’t want to reverify my account after July 10, 2024
Clients who do not wish to reverify are requested to withdraw their assets before July 10, 2024. Clients who haven’t done this and who still wish to withdraw their assets after July 10, 2024 should contact Kraken Support to close their account.
Note: access to assets will be dependent upon meeting legal KYC requirements. In the meantime, non-verified clients’ assets will be safeguarded.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Kraken Support.