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A causa dell’incremento della domanda, la verifica dell’account potrebbe subire ritardi. Evita di inviare più richieste e, per ottenere risultati migliori, rivedi in anticipo i requisiti del documento.
Identity documents required for German re-verification
German clients are being asked to re-verify and update their accounts before July 10, 2024, for more information please see here. Additional information on some of the information and documentation requested can be found below.
Note: German driver’s licenses are not accepted as a form of ID for re-verification.
To re-verify, German clients will need to provide additional information. A detailed outline of the nature of the documents can be found below:
Tax identification number
The Tax Identification Number should be your SteuerID (e.g. format 76386312222).
The Tax Identification Number should be your Steuer-ID, which is an 11 character tax identification code which is unique and assigned to all German citizens (e.g. format 12345678901). It should be input without any spaces, to adhere to the character count.
Please do not mistake this for the Steuernummer, which some businesses and self-employed individuals are assigned as a tax code. This is either 10 or 11 characters (e.g. format “12/345/67890”), as we can only accept Steuer-IDs.
Update your address
If your address is out of date, you will need to update it and provide proof of the new address.
All proof of address documentation must be less than three months old and show the client’s name.
The following documents are accepted as proof of address:
  • Utility bill: Gas, electricity, water or landline phone bills
  • Bank statements: Must show your name and address
  • Official letters: Letters from government agencies, tax authorities or other official entities
  • Rental or Lease agreements: A current lease or rental agreement showing your name and address
  • Mortgage statements: Statement form a mortgage provider
  • Insurance Documents: Home or rental insurance documents
  • Employer Letter/ Employment contract: Work contract or letter from employer showing clients name and address
  • Mobile Phone Bills: Phone provider bill
  • Internet/Cable Bills: Bills from your internet or cable service provider
Provide proof of source of funds
In some cases, a proof of source of funds will be required.
The following documents are accepted as proof of source of funds:
  • Bank account statement
  • Heritage statement
  • Dividends statement
  • Loan statement
  • Payroll statement
  • Pension statement
All proof of source of funds documentation must be less than three months old and show your name.