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I can't unlock my account settings

If your Global Settings Lock (GSL) is activated and you don't have a Master Key OR don't remember it:

  1. 2
    Click on your name in the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. 3
    Click on Security > Global Settings Lock.
  3. 4
    Click the blue Remove Global Settings Lock button.
  4. 5
    This will begin the removal timer and you will need to wait until the specified date and time. The default GSL wait time is 3 days or 72 hours. After the designated time expires, your GSL will be removed.
It is not possible for us to expedite this wait time.
There is no way to add a new Master Key while a GSL is active.
There is also no way to change an existing Master Key while a GSL is active, but if you find/remember your lost Master Key, you can go back to the Settings page and enter it

Special Case: GSLs set to 0 Days

If you turned on GSL for 0 days (i.e. forever) without first having a Master Key (or if you lost your Master Key), you'll have to fill out the "Account Issues" support form to get the GSL removed.
Please note that the process of removing the GSL takes a considerable amount of time in order to make sure your account is safe.
Our support team cannot help if your GSL was set to 1 or more days.