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Interpreting the logs
The account logs file and the logs tab on futures have various fields and possible entry items.
To download the log file on Kraken Pro, navigate to the Export page whilst signed in and change the "Product" to "Futures", then filter the start and end date, and click the "Submit" button.
For each trade, there are two log entries: one which reflects the change to the balance of the futures wallet, and the other which reflects the change to the position. The respective changes to each are labelled as 'Balance' and 'Position' in the descriptions below.
UID (download only)StringThe uid of the associated entry.
DateDate timeTime of log entry (local machine time on UI, UTC in download file)
Margin account or cash account updated with log entry
Example: 'F-ETHUSD' indicates the Ether margin account (futures wallet), 'ETH' indicates the Ether cash account (holding wallet), 'MC' indicates the multi-collateral wallet
Futures Trade - when futures contracts are bought or sold
Liquidation - when a position is liquidated
Unwind Counterparty - when a position is unwound due to a counterparty liquidation event
Unwind Bankrupt - the liquidated position couldn't be filled or assigned and therefore the remaining contracts were unwound
Assignor - when the trader's position is assigned to a liquidity provider
Assignee - when the trader receives an assignment
Funding Rate Change - when the margin account is debited or credited as a part of the scheduled funding rate payout
Conversion - conversion of non-USD funds to USD (includes conversion fees)
Interest Payment - Amount paid in interest on loss over 30,000 USD uncovered by USD collateral (see Fees for Multi-Collateral Futures)
Transfer - transfer between holding and futures wallets
Cross-Exchange Transfer - transfer between spot wallet and futures wallet
Covered Liquidation - when a position is liquidated and is covered by the liquidity pool
Kfee Applied - when kfee is applied instead of charging trading fees 
Balance - cash symbol of collateral currency (e.g. ETH.)
Position - ticker symbol  (e.g. PI_ETHUSD)
Balance - Total change including Fee, realised PnL, realised funding
Position - Total change to the position
New Balance
Balance - New wallet balance
Position - New total position size
Avg. Entry Price
Positive float
The average entry price of the position after this trade
Trade Price
Positive float
The price the trade was executed at
Mark Price
Positive float
The mark price at the time the trade was executed
Funding Rate (download only)
The absolute funding rate
Realised P&L
The P&L that is realised by reducing the position
Positive float
The fee paid
Realised funding (download only)
The funding rate realised due to change in position size or end of funding rate period
The currency of the associated entry
Conversion spread percentage
Positive float
The % spread used for a currency conversion.  See Fees & Charges for more info 
Liquidation fee 
Positive float
The fee charged on a liquidated position