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En raison d’une demande accrue, la vérification de compte peut être retardée. Veuillez éviter d’envoyer plusieurs demandes, et pour obtenir de meilleurs résultats, vérifiez au préalable nos pré-requis concernant les documents.
Credit Union Atlantic funding provider
Prevent deposit delays
If required and shown in the deposit instructions, make sure your deposit includes a reference to your Kraken Public account ID which starts with AA and is 16 characters long.
Credit Union Atlantic is only available to clients residing within Canada.
  • Your Kraken account must be verified to the Intermediate or Pro level.
  • Your bank or financial institution account must be under the same legal name as your Kraken account.
  • Credit Union Atlantic can only accept deposits in Canadian Dollars. Sending any other currency will result in the funds being returned and may incur additional banking charges.
  • Your bank or financial institution must be able to send and receive
    domestic wire transfers.
Special instructions
To ensure your deposit goes smoothly, we recommend that you initiate the wire transfer in person at your home branch.
The minimum deposit amount is 100 CAD, but we recommend sending at least 125 CAD in case any wire fees are applied to the deposit by intermediary banks. 
The SWIFT code for Credit Union Atlantic is CUCXCATTVAN.
Bank of Montreal (BMO) clients
On BMO's website, you may notice that 'Credit Union Atlantic' isn't available in the drop-down list for transfers. Instead, you may select "Other Credit Unions".
When asked for a routing number, please refer to the "Account Number" in the deposit instructions. It starts with the four digit institution number, followed by the five digit transit number, followed by the eight digit account number itself.
Funding options
For additional information on funding providers; fees; minimums and processing times, see our deposit options and withdrawal options for more details.
Deposit and withdrawal instructions