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Maintenance Margin
What Is Maintenance Margin?
Maintenance margin is the amount of account equity required to avoid a margin call. If your equity falls below the maintenance margin, your positions will be liquidated in order to pay back the Kraken Margin Pool assets that you used to open your spot position on margin. 
When your margin level is 100% your trade balance is fully leveraged. You will not be able to open new spot positions on margin.
When your margin level is between ~40-80%, liquidation is at Kraken’s discretion and all or a portion of your account may be liquidated; you may receive, but are not guaranteed, a margin call email.
When your margin level reaches ~40% or lower, liquidation is certain. The liquidation process is automatic, and once initiated cannot be stopped. 
By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you authorize and instruct Kraken to liquidate your funds in the conditions and manner described above.