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Futures Level up challenge
What is the Level Up Challenge?
The Futures Level Up Challenge is a promotion run by Kraken Futures for ~ 30 day period. Participants will have their futures trading volume for this period tracked.

At the end of the promotion period, participants will be credited with Bonus USD futures collateral. The amount will depend on users’ Multi-Collateral futures trading volume during the promotion period, trade your way up the ladder for bigger rewards.
What are the Bonus USD prize tiers?
Bonus USD Prize Tiers:
You will win the prize corresponding to your Multi Collateral Futures wallet trading volume tier achieved during the Level Up Challenge Period as follows:
Trading Volume
Bonus USD
5 - 5,000
5,000.01 - 100,000
100,000.01 - 200,000
> 200,000.01
How do I claim the Bonus USD collateral?
The Bonus USD collateral will be automatically credited to your Multi-Collateral futures wallet some days after the challenge period ends.

You can use this collateral immediately to enter into new positions. This collateral cannot be transferred out of your futures wallet.
Who is eligible to participate in the Kraken Futures Level Up Challenge?
You are eligible to participate in this competition if:
  • Your account is eligible for futures trading.
  • You are in a promotion eligible country.
What are the rules of the Kraken Futures Level Up Challenge?
  • Only one trading account is allowed per person or entity.
  • Participants can only receive the Bonus USD collateral bonus once, after the challenge period ends.
  • Trading activity in sub accounts will be grouped towards the master account.
  • Kraken reserves the right to disqualify participants who abuse the challenge rules.
Read Kraken’s terms and conditions for all challenge rules.