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Generating new deposit addresses on Kraken Pro
This article is for clients using the Kraken Pro site (
If you are looking for information on how to generate deposit addresses on, you can find out how here!
To generate a cryptocurrency deposit address on Kraken, follow the instructions below.  
  1. 2
    Navigate to Portfolio.
  2. 3
    Click the Deposit button.
  3. 4
    Search the currency you wish to deposit and click on it.
  4. 5
    An address should automatically generate, otherwise, press the Generate deposit address. If you'd like to generate an additional address press the
     Generate new deposit address button.
  5. 6
    Wait a few seconds and a new deposit address will be available.
    The generated cryptocurrency address can be selected and used to deposit to your Kraken account.
    You can also view a QR code to easily scan the deposit address into a mobile wallet.
There are no limits to how many times you can use a deposit address, but generating more than five* deposit addresses for the same cryptocurrency will result in older deposit addresses expiring. Also keep in mind, if you try to generate more than two deposit addresses when all two are still marked as New Address, then it will result in the Too Many Addresses error.