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Notice regarding the GALA token upgrade
Gala Games (GALA) underwent a contract migration on the 15th of May, 2023, at around 19:00 UTC.
The old GALA token (GALA v1) was successfully deprecated at that time, and Kraken successfully migrated all client balances to GALA v2.
The official Ethereum contract address for GALA(v2) is: 0xd1d2Eb1B1e90B638588728b4130137D262C87cae
Funding was re-enabled after the successful migration of the token to the new GALA v2 contract, and all Withdrawals of GALA are now sent as GALA v2.
Kraken will not support Gala v1 tokens. Deposits of GALA v1 will be lost.
For more information on the Gala token upgrade, please visit Gala Games’ official announcement: Introducing $GALA(v2)
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Article last updated: 16 May, 08:00 UTC