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Notice regarding Starknet provisions program
Kraken clients who staked their ETH tokens at the time of the Ethereum Merge snapshot (timestamp: Sep 15, 2022) may be eligible to receive STRK tokens.
  • The eligibility for the Starknet Provisions Program depends on meeting the minimum receivable of 1 STRK. Tokens below this threshold will not be credited.
  • Distribution ratio is equal to ~17.97 STRK per 1 ETH staked.
  • The STRK airdrop is not available or U.S. clients.

What is the Starknet Provisions Program?

The Starknet Provisions Program is a distribution model created by the Starknet team, which outlines how STRK tokens will be initially distributed.
Starknet operates on top of Ethereum, enhancing transaction capacity while maintaining security. This distribution serves to integrate Ethereum users into the Starknet ecosystem, reflecting the symbiotic relationship between the two layers.

Why may I receive STRK tokens?

Included in this program, is the distribution of STRK tokens to Ethereum stakers as recognition for their support of the Ethereum network.
Kraken is fully supporting this distribution; eligible Kraken clients who were staking their ETH tokens at the time of the Ethereum Merge snapshot may receive a deposit of STRK tokens.
Please contact our support team if you wish to opt out of the token distribution.
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